About Me

Hi, I'm Ashleigh!
Social media: @ashleighjmills

I am an autistic, queer, Black, agender femme.

I happily straddle the intersection between arts and social care. I am a graduate with a BA in English Literature and Languages (British Sign Language) and an MSc in Psychology in Education.

Currently working as specialist SEN support, I spend my time outside of work writing, engaging in theatre arts (both writing and acting), and performing poetry.

As an outspoken social justice advocate, you can often find me exploring identity politics and yelling about inequality.

The personal is political, and the political is personal.

Contact: ashleigh@ashleighjmills.com
Alternatively: ashleighmills_2@live.com

Credit to: Margriet Smulders (www.margrietsmulders.nl) for the header image.